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AWOL Surfboards

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Ashley Williamson aka AWOL, grew up in South Africa and the US.

Moving between the two but always near the ocean, he learnt to surf at St Michaels in Kwazulu-Natal - South Africa and Virginia Beach - US.

Ash moved to WA from the USA in 2008 at the age of 18 for waves, adventure and university.

With a passion for surfboards and an interest to get into the industry, he began sweeping up for a local board builder who couldn't get rid of him.

While learning the ropes, Ash earned the nickname “AWOL” due to his habit of making up his own work hours to chase waves, to the exasperation of his boss and colleagues.

13 years and a lot of grinding (and the occasional surf) later, Ash took over the production factory where he spent a decade honing his skills in all areas of surfboard manufacture.

Rest assured each AWOL Surfboard model has been passionately designed, crafted and tested. 

**All new AWOL Surfboards receive up to $250 worth of ding repairs at Paradiso Surf**.


Order a custom from one of our skilled shapers!

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