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Olive Pip

  • $850.00


From AWOL:


Whether you're looking to move from a mini-mal to increase performance, or just want to cruise while still having the option to smash a defenceless lip, then the Olive Pip is for you.

Designed with performance elements as well as remaining user friendly, the curvy outline and bottom contours of the Olive Pip ensure maximum fun with style.

The single concave transitions to a double with a slight vee on the tail, generating lift and speed while on the front foot and maneuverability while pushing on the back foot.

A great all rounder for 1-5 foot conditions.


Wide and curvy with a pulled in rounded pin tail for hold and performance.


Moderate entry - low exit.


Single concave - moderate double to vee to increase rail to rail transitions.


Average - good conditions.

A great option for beginners through to advanced surfers.

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