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  • $850.00
From AWOL:
The “Razz” as we call it, is built around a smooth, continuous rocker, to help fit vertically in the curviest part of a wave but with enough concave cutting through it, to excel down the line and across short flat sections.

With the most tail curve in the range, the “Razzamatazz” turns tight and whippy off the tail, but with a relaxed enough curve forward to still provide drive and stability through turns, easily our most performance oriented model.


The wide point is set back of centre to add a tighter curve through the tail, while creating a straighter rail line around the front foot for driving down the line or around sections. The narrowest outline of the range.

Works best as a round tail or swallow tail but still enjoys a square, rounded square or squash.

A Razz step up will enjoy a pin or narrow swallow.


Balanced yet aggressive. Smooth and continuous for tight turns/vertical surfing.


A solid single concave starting well forward off the front foot, with its deepest point in front of the front fins. This engineers speed from take-off and allows for the rail line to be extra curvy to tighten turns when on rail.


Good-pumping conditions.

The Razz is currently our highest performance board. All aspects of this design from the low rails to the combination of rocker, outline and contours beg to be surfed hard.

All team riders will ride a variation of the razz with minor adjustments to different features of the design.

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