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Taylor Knox Thruster (L) - Apex

  • $175.00

Taylor Knox is one of the most iconic and timeless surfers of his generation.  His style is the quintessence of power surfing.  

NVS have worked closely with Taylor to fine tune a template that would appeal to his style and still be user friendly for the majority of mere mortals.  

Taylor spends a lot of time on rail executing powerful, drawn out lines. He needs fins that provide hold and drive when pushing his boards to their limits.  

The Arc fins have relatively wide bases, solid rake and a moderately refined tips.  These characteristics paired with the proprietary SeriesIII foiling and Apex Series construction, yield fins that feel fast and fluid. Taylor’s Arc fins are highly responsive and offer a dynamic, yet very controlled feel through powerful turns and high speed transitions.  

“These fins are fast!  Even when laying it down, they have tons of hold.” -Taylor Knox

Taylor’s signature fin is part of the Apex Series line.  Every fin is CNC cut from G10 fiberglass to insure precision foiling and ideal flex patterns.  This means increased response and higher performance in general.  

Base: 4.60”
Height: 4.79”
Area: 16.43 sq in
Foil: Flat SeriesIII
Rake: 35.3 Degree