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The Clear Co Ear Cleanser

  • $14.95

Earwax (or cerumen as it’s medically known) is vital in maintaining the health of your ears and plays a huge part in the ears self cleaning mechanism.

However too much earwax can plug the canal and cause problems such as hearing difficulties, earaches, infection, ear discharge, ringing in the ear and general ear discomfort. A build-up of excess earwax also leads to the irritating ‘water stuck in ear’ feeling we get when we spend time underwater, contributing to the symptoms of Swimmer’s Ear (Otitis Externa) and Surfer’s Ear (Exostoses).

The active ingredient in The Clear Co is Hydrogen Peroxide which is a natural cerumenolytic, meaning that it can soften, breakdown and dissolve excess earwax. Hydrogen Peroxide solutions can come in many different formulations each targeted to a specific use. Many contain additives, such as stabilisers, reducing the effectiveness of the solution for ear wax removal.


Tilt your head to the side and instil 3-5 drops of clear.

On first use leave for a few seconds, straighten up and remove excess with cotton ball.

For future use leave in for 1 – 2 minutes.

A slight crackling/tingling sound is normally heard.

Stop using if uncomfortable or painful. Do not use if suffering any abnormal ear conditions.

ONLY USE AS DIRECTED and consult a health professional if uncertain.