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The story behind the lenses:


The lens that started it all. While typical sunglasses block out the light with cold and lifeless shade; the “Original” filter transforms your view into a glowing paradise. Tens has created a custom lens tint with rich, warm tones that’s almost like a real life Insta filter.


Inspired by the distinct colour palette of Wes Anderson films such as “Moonrise Kingdom”, Spectachrome delivers a mesmerising colour shift, combining rich emerald greens and accentuated citron tones. It has to be worn to be believed.


“Evergreen” produces a beautifully calming yet uplifting experience. Bathe your world in verdurous, lush tones that lower stress levels and increase feelings of wellbeing. Featuring a crisp, forest green hue with strong cerulean tones; this filter elevates the sky into a pleasing teal. Its neutralising qualities and superior clarity lends moments of serenity, re-engaging your senses with nature.

Tropic High

Tropic High delivers a nostalgia inducing and uplifting lens tint, featuring rich golden tones and a seamless blend into a mood enhancing viridescent. A stunning lens experience that is versatile in wall-to-wall sunshine and flat light conditions. Escape to a poolside paradise no matter your surroundings.


Arriving on the scene for the first time, a subtle and pleasing immersion of magenta and violet blue hues. Inspired by late night drives and early morning sunrises in LA; “Boulevard” is a visual experience reminiscent of being a character in a gritty, neo-noir cinema classic.


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