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Buzz Bomb

  • $850.00

“Let her rip! Here we go, weeeeee!

Buzzbomb Buzzbomb, Macho-Mobile

The waves my slave, that’s how I feel”

‘Okay anybody familiar with the punk band the Dead Kennedys will know I replaced (road) with Waves there, but I named this model after this song as thats how I felt the first time I rode this shape.

During the design stages of this model, I was riding boards about 6’1” in length, skinny noses with plenty of rocker and concave. I wanted a board that was shorter than this but based on the same rocker and with the same volume (which at the time was a guess as litres were more relevant to bottles of milk or tubs of ice cream.)

Anyway as the board shrunk, to replace volume I increased the nose and tail width as well as adding 1/2” to the mid point. instead of a bump in the tail planeshape, I concentrated on keeping a nice even curve, flowing into a squash tail. A few customers have tried it as a round tail with good results.

The bottom curve is single stage with slight concave - double between the fins. i placed the fin cluster closer together than standard shortboards as I wanted more pivot and a quicker turning radius for small waves. * Pivot fins are recommended. *

The deck is semi-flat, dropping off to a nice and responsive lox apex rail, providing speed the second you lay into a turn. Due to the low rail, the board holds in slightly bigger waves as well as being a good groveller.

Anyway, since Al Bean helped me measure the first prototype and convert it to an AKU file, I have found that other than changing the length when designing for customers, I haven’t changed anything else - if it aint broke as they say!’

Fin Setup