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Dad Bod

  • $850.00
Are you a new dad?  Love performance surfing but are packing a little buoyancy? You want to go fast? We have the board that will keep you in the water longer, and shredding harder.
The Dad Bod is designed to give you some extra spark and easy paddle in weaker, slower waves, while still keeping a performance edge.

Built off of the Twin/Keela with added performance features, the Dad Bod has a slightly more pulled in nose and narrower tail, adding maneuverability without sacrificing speed. The bottom has a deep double concave running through to flatten off the tail, which makes the board get up on top of the water in slower, weaker waves while still easily surfing in better than average waves.

Ride it short as you want (mine is 5ʼ6) and about 1ʼʼ to 2ʼʼ wider, with a thickness that gives you a bit more volume than your everyday shortboard. With more volume and foam, this versatile hybrid appeals to a wide range of surfers looking for a performance surfboard that does it all.


The wide point is pushed further slightly more forward than other boards for ease of paddling and speed in dead sections. The classic swallow tail adapts easily from beach to reef and point waves while producing a feeling of security while riding.


Medium entry and a fast exit provides, what we feel, is the perfect balance of speed and flow for surfers wanting a board that will react quickly and perform as intended.


The single to double concave is a very effective combination that compliments the outline and rocker and gives you a fast and responsive board in conditions that are below average- to average- to decent.


Designed to be ridden 6” inches shorter than your typical shorty, the Dad Bod can be classified as an ultra-small wave performance weapon. It has all the attributes of a performance board; speed, responsiveness and control, but the main difference is the extra buoyancy and floatation that makes it more forgiving and usable for the everyday surfer. For the intermediates, this is a great board to take your surfing to the next step without losing paddle power or speed. Advanced surfers can use it to spice up their surf love life.

Fin Recommendations: Futures – AM templates, Pivot or Neutral legacy series or NVS.


Below average - fair conditions.

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