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Foe Hammer

  • $850.00
From AWOL:
With an emphasis on small summer-type wave performance, the Foe Hammer sets out to provide maximum drive without sacrificing manoeuvrability.

The use of moderately low rail provides drive and increases sensitivity for performance during a grovel of a surf.


Slightly biased towards the tail with the wide point slight back of centre. Curviest in the tail, with the utilisation of parallel rails to increase drive.

The nose is wider than the Kymera but still performance oriented.


Low entry to Moderate/ Low exit. Provides ease of paddle and planing speed but transitions to tight manoeuvrability quickly, once up and riding.


Moderate single starting in front ¾ of board, transitioning to heavy doubles through the feet for ease of rail to rail surfing.


Wonky, average - good conditions.

This model is geared towards those below average days.

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