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  • $850.00
From AWOL:
Designed to fill the gap between the Foe Hammer and the Razzamatazz, the Kymera features a moderate to low tail rocker with a balanced nose rocker, best ridden as an everyday performance whip.

Due to its built-in drive from a combination of; concave, rocker and outline, speed is generated quickly from the first paddle! The concave starts front of centre, increasing through the front fins and blending to flat off the tail. This type of concave increases lift while ensuring plenty of rail rocker curve around the rear foot, loosening up the relatively flat tail rocker, and improving turning radius when put on rail and pushed.

The Kymera is a good choice for the average to advanced surfer looking for a modern performer that makes average surf fun and flares when its 3- 4 foot and firing!


The outline is based off the modern California thruster. Smooth continuous. with no noticeable hip, or bump, and nothing extreme in terms of nose or tail width. It has mid volume rails, nose to tail, with the tail being boxed up.

The Kymera works best as a squash, rounded square or swallow but some surfers love it as a round tail.


Moderate entry to moderate to low tail rocker to help maintain speed over larger flat sections, while still allowing to be surfed in critical sections of the wave.


A moderate single to subtle double between front fins allows for easy speed generation and helps the transition from rail to rail.


Average - good conditions.

Overall, the Kymera is a versatile, reliable everyday performer that’s sure to add a spark to your next surf!

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