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Pro-Glass AM Thruster Set / Large

  • $179.95
AM Fins are legendary! Developed by Al Merrick, Shaun Tomson and Tom Curren on the long walls of Rincon, AM’s have stood the test of time and remain arguably the most popular fin templates in the world. All of Shapers team riders have AM’s in their fin quiver for the simple fact that they perform at the highest level. AM's are famous for exceptional speed, drive and release off the top.

The raked side fins deliver drive and draw out rail carves whilst the smaller centre fin reduces drag and frees up the tail. The AM’s are placed in the Carve Fin Class however fall into the all time, must have category! Hand foiled PROGLASS is a tough, stiffer construction that is famous for drive and control, accommodating the highest level of power surfing and performance in heavy waves.

Compatible with Futures Fin Systems


Large: 75-95kgs

Side Base: 118mm | 4.63"
Side Depth: 120mm | 4.72"
Side Sweep: 36.3°
Side Foil: Flat
Area: 10,277.40mm² | 15.93"²

Rear Base: 117mm | 4.61"
Rear Depth: 111mm | 4.48"
Rear Sweep: 37°
Rear Foil: 50/50
Area: 9,806.43mm² | 15.20"²